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How would you describe your job and why are you so pasionate about it?Regarding photography I couldn’t consider it a job as it is simply a hobby of mine rather than something I have to do. To be in that position seems alien to me and I envy anyone who can make a living off taking the pictures that they want to. However contrasting that thought there are advantages to it not being a job; I guess I really like it that I am under no pressure to fulfil a brief, that I have creative freedom, etc…

How, where and why did you decide to grab a camera for the first time?From a young age I was always surrounded by photography and found as I grew older I was able to appreciate the art more. As I read skate magazines I became more and more interested in photography and began to understand it more. At gigs I would regularly take photographs though it wasn’t until I did a small zine that I took it a little more seriously; the response was really positive which was surprising as I never really thought of myself as a photographer before.

How would you describe your photos? Is there any subject you enjoy above all?
I’m not sure. I mean I initially thought I was some sort of underground music journalist though noticed as more and more people started turning up with these powerful digital SLRs it became a bit diluted. As more photographers got closer to the action I took a step back from the ugliness and often found there were more interesting things going on beside me within the crowd. I guess I’ve been lurking on the fringes ever since and I find focusing on the less obvious can have the best results.

What is the aim behind your photos?
I figure I am essentially trying to capture a moment I associate with. Mostly it will engage with my sense of humour or simply just because I appreciate a situation I have come across and want to share it. I don’t work to a specific brief and instead simply react to a situation that I come across keeping my fingers crossed that I capture it effectively.

Could you share with us the weirdest work or idea you have ever done related to your photography?
The subjects of my photos are more often than not the weirdest things going on and this is what I’m attracted to. If it’s a photo without people in I guess it will be through the composition of whatever it is though people are my main focus. I think the process of the photo can be pretty weird too though… I mean for example one time I photographed a transsexual hooker in Barcelona and I was basically chased up La Rambla for my camera. Interestingly on that same trip I was taking photos of football rioters and the police opened fire on the public (using rubber bullets) and one actually ricocheted and hit my friend in the face leaving him in a bad way. I mean these two events relate to a situation rather than the work itself but they were damn weird.

Do you split your time between your photos and other activities?
My photographs are often collected in almost any situation, as I like to always have my camera with me. There was a time when this wasn’t the case and I’d miss some fantastic opportunities for photos and I’d get really down about it. I know I could use my iPhone to get the shot but something just doesn’t sit right doing that, like it’s less honest or something… I sound like some ridiculous purist or something. Anyway, basically I always try to have my camera with me whether I’m out skating, drinking, charity shopping or whatever because you never know who or what you’ll come across.

Where do you find the motivation or the inspiration to take your camera every day?
I am lucky enough to be inspired by the people around me. I mean I live with my girlfriend who loves photography, which by default inspires and motivates me day in, day out. Also my friends are all really creative which is easy to feed off and I believe is important to feed off. Being encouraged by people close to you is really important and I massively appreciate people who see potential in others and try to draw it out if them.

Could you explain us which are your working methods and the creative process? ¿Digital vs. Traditional?
The process I adopt  relies on an awareness of surroundings and having an understanding of when or where you are likely to come across an opportunity. I’ll sometimes go on missions with a goal though more often than not I’ll just have my camera in my bag and will reach for it when the moment arises. Regarding the film vs digital debate I will always opt for film as the process is that much more exciting and the outcome better. I think using film results in a more authentic image that in some cases has more soul than a digital counterpart. I do respect people’s choices though and feel that the most important thing is that you are just out there using a camera whether it be digital or film.

What are your future plans and how would you like your photo to evolve?
Regarding the future I’m just about to release a book Mediocre Idiocy with a good friend, Archer ( ), and Snoar Press which I’m really excited about. Linked to that will be exhibitions in London and Sheffield which’ll be the first, and hopefully not the last, time I’ll exhibit. Following that I’ll be working on releasing a small run of a zine with a working title Everybody’s Crazy.

In terms of evolving I’m quite satisfied with how things are going. I’m eventually starting to do more with my photographs rather than simply put them on my blog ( ) and it’s important that I now continue in this vein and maintain productivity whilst also getting the most out of the photographs I take.




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Mediocre Idiocy Poster

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